Meghan Patrick/George Strait
 The tractors/Baby likes to rock it
 Go cat go/Please mama please
Coffey Anderson/Go country
 T. Clark-D. Bentley/Golden ring
 Jody Booths/Gold digger
 Maggie Rose/Goodbye monday
 Darryl Worley/A good day to run
 Nathan Carter/Good time girls
Jason Cassidy/I got it good
 P. Overstreet/Till teh answer comes
M. Callahan/Gods green earth
John Michael Montgomery/Sold
Ray Scott/Gypsi
Toby Keith/Haggard, Hank and her
Luke Combs/1,2 many
 Dean Brody/Soggy bottom summer
 Dave Sheriff/Hearts and flowers
 Rodney Atkins/If you're going through hell
 Aaron Watson/Heyday tonight
 Mo Pitney/Come do a little life
 Alabama/High cotton
 Sawyer Brown/Highway patrol
 Zac Brown band/Homegrown
 Ann Tayler/Home to Louisiana
 Sammy Kershaw/honkytonk boots
Kevin Fowler/Honkytonkjunkie
Chris Janson/Honkytonk minute
George Strait/Honkytonk time machine
 H. Myles/Playin every honkytonk
 Atlanta pop orchestra/just hooked on country
 Pistol annie's/Hush hush
Séverine Fillion
Arnad Marraffa
 Kathy Hunyadi
 Gaye Teather
Lisa M. Johns grose
 Severine Fillion
 Rachael McEnaney
 Rob Fowler
 Benny Ray
 Karen Kennedy
M. Lacasse/M. Auclair
 Yvonne Van Baalen
Séverine Fillion
Jenny Rockett
Rob Fowler
J. Camps/D. Simmons
Rob Fowler
M. Glover- R. McEnaney
 Angeles Mateu Simon
 Adrian Churm
 Kathy Hunyado
 Séverine Fillion
 Micaela Svensson Erlandsson
 Niels Poulsen
 Rob Fowler
 Rachel McEnaney
 Gilles Labrecque
 T. Holmes/S. Jeffries
Agnes Gauthier
S. Fillion/B. Bogey/Mcadam cowboy
Dan Albro
 Margaret Swift
 Doug Miranda
 Amanda Andrews
Beccy Cole/Too strong to break
Alan Jackson/Tall tall trees
The sunny cowgirls/Ten bucks in the glovebox
Kameron Marlowe/Tennessee don't mind
Old crow medecine show/Tennessee bound
Darryl Worley/Tennessrr river run
Tracy Bird/I'm from the country
Robert Mizzel/Thanks a lot
Toby Keith/That's country bro
J. Denhan/Ferral Kev & général Lee Roy
WC Edagr/The man in the back seat
Chris Stapelton/Them stems
Darius Rucker/Baby i'm right
Dereck Ryan/The road
Chris Young/The shoebox
Buddy Jewell/The southern side of heaven 
R.Crowell-J.Cash/I walk the line revisited
Troy Cassar Daley/Things I carry around
Dierks Bentley/What was i thinking
Jade Eagleson/Whiskey think I am
Mark Chesnutt/Woman
Dean Brody/This old raft
Tha washboard union/3 days road
Cody Johnson/'Til you can't
Toby Keith/Time that it would take
Dean  Brody/Love would be enough
Nathan Carter/If you wanna find gold
Britt Hammond/When you dance with me
Slim Dusty/Sassafras gap
Georges McAnthony/They call me trinity
The roadhammers/Truck a truck
Joe Diffie/Third rock from the sun
Wayne Law/22 hours a day
Neal Mc Coy/The shake
Terri Robb/Get away with me
David Villelas
Thom E. Branton
Jean-Marc Raffanel
Lydie Bonnet
David Pytka
Ruth Elias
Georges Fournier
Séverine Fillion
Marie Claude Gil
Raphael Hellec
Kirsteen Currie
Magali Chabret
H. Barton/W. Brown
Arnaud Maraffa
Dee Musk
Marie Claude Gil
Carinne Slijters
Gary Lafferty
Simon Ward
Gary Lafferty
H. Lavoie & M. Auclair
Severine Fillion
Garry O Reilly
L. Bowers & J. Grave
Séverine Fillion
Severine Fillion
Heather Barton
Emili Muntaner
Bruno Morel
Six de luxe
James Ferrazzano
Guylaine Bourdages
Sylvie Roy
Chris Ledoux/Billy the kid
Brad Paisley/You need a man around here
 T. Adkins-B. Shelton/If i was a woman
 Tracy Bird/Back to Texas
 Ray Scott/My kind of music
 Toy Keith/Last livin cowboy
Jamie Richards/Last time till the next time
 Gord Bamford/Cowboy junkie
Georges Strait/Let it go
 Drake White/Recording grinning
Brooks and Dunn/Go west
 Gord Bamford/When your lips are so close
A. Jackson/Listen to your senses
Dereck Ryan/Little more time for drinkin
 Jamey Johnson/Rebelicious
Nathan Carter/Wagon wheel
 Alan Jackson/Livin on love
Josh Turner/Long black train
Cody Johnson/Long haired country boy
 The Bellamy brothers/Lord help me...
Sam Outlaw/Love her for a while
Ray Bus
Gaye Teather
 Robbie McGowan Hickie
 Anna Ballaguer
 V. Morris/K. Cregeen
 Silvia Calsina
Arnaud Marraffa
 Séverine Fillion
Julien Rault
 M. C. Gill
Jane Smee
 Rafel Corbi
Stephan Cools
Laurent Chalon
 R. Fowler/K.H. Winson
Gaye Teather
 Alan & Barbara Heighway
Tina Argyle
Tina Argyle
Marie Sorensen
Vivienne Scott
Tim McGraw/My old friend
BR 549/That's what I get
Darius Rucker/One tequila
 Josh Turner/One woman man
Dean Brody/Little yellow blanquet
 Wilson Fairchield/Take it or brake it
 Little big town/Where the pavement ends
 J. Rodgerson/Peace love and horses
The family Brown/Pioneers
Mo Pitney/Country
Dolly Parton/Pure and simple
Ed Lawton
Peter Metelnick
C. Dufresne/M. Dubois
 Carina Slijters
S. Tassinari/M. Lebrun
 Gabi Ibanez
 G. Schneider & florida friends
Séverine Fillion
Gitte Stehr
Marie Sorensen
Jo Dee Messina/Heads Carolina, tails California
 C. Waagner and the old#7/Castelneck
Matt Mason/E
M.C. Carpenter/I feel lucky
George Strait/Christmas cookies
Toby Keith/Christmas rock
 Willie Nelson/City of new orleans
Aaron Watson/Clear Isabel
 D. Yoakam-H. Myles/Little chapel
George Strait/Codigo
Robynn Shayne/Coffee days and whiskey nights
 Mc Allister-Kemp/Cold beer, hot women
Chase Rice/Bad day to be a cold beer
Jack Ingram/Feel like I'm falling in love
 The Highrollers/Colorado girl
Blake Shelton/Corn
 Travis Tritt/Where corn don't grow
 Blake Shelton/Cotton pickin time
Brooks & Dunn/Tonight the bottle let me down
 Brady Seals/Country as a boy can be
Dillon Carmichael/Country boy lovin'
Sons of the Palamino/Countryholic
 Randy Travis/Forever and ever
 Jonathan East/A little on the redneck side
 Keith Urban/Walking in the country
Georges Strait/One night at a time
 Joni Harms/Cowboy coffee
Brooks & Dunn/Cowboy cowboy
Rudy Parris/Cowboy cry
Jason Cassidy/Cowboy girl
The sunny cowgirls/I wanna be a farmer
 Amber Hayes/C'mon
 The Clark family experience/Standin' still
 Johnny Reid/Darlin
Wade Bowen/Day of the dead 
Chris janson/Everybody
Dwight Yoakam/A world of blue
Dierks Bentley/Diamonds make babies
 Gord Bamford/Disappearing tail lights
Johnathan East/Dixie girl
Ray Scott/Doin' me wrong
Jake Owen/Down to the honkytonk
Ronnie Dunn/Drinkin' thing
 Stéphanie Quayle/Drinking with Dolly
 Casey James/Drive
Dwight Yoakam/Above and beyond 
 Nathalie Country Corner
Séverine Fillion
Bernard Blin
Kelli Haugen
 Daisy Simon
Flo Moresteps
 Stella Wilden
Pat Stott
Yvonne Verhagen
 Vikki Morris
Séverine Fillion
Adriano Castagnoli
 Dan Albro
Rob Fowler
 Tina Argyle
 Steve Mason
J. Mozes/J. Warnars
 Suzanne Wilson
Maddison Glover
Darren Mitchell
 Masters in line
 Séverine Fillion
 Teree de Sarro
 J. Hall/T. Miller
Dan Albro
Marie-Claude Gil
Marie-Claude Gil
French cowgirls
 Chrystel Durand
 Adriano Castagnoli
 Richard Poirier
Dan Albro
Chrystel Durand
Gaye Teather
A. Biggs/P. Metelnick
 A. Biggs/P. Metelnick
Séverine Fillion
Chrystel Durand
P. Jones/A. Lockwood
Nancy Rosera
 Séverine Fillion
 Rob Fowler
The Highlander