Artiste | Musique
Tanner Gomes/Rain
 Aaron Watson/Real good time
M. Knopfler-E. Harris/Red staggerwing
 Zane Williams-Ride with me
 Troy Cassar-Daley/River town
Marty Stuart/Don't be cruel
Sam Outlaw/Trouble
Jade Eagleson/Roddéo queen
 Don Derby-Roll in the hay
 Troy Cassar-Daley/Road ready
Tim Culpepper/Too good of a day
 Robert Mizzel/Who's gonna dance with Sally Ann
 Blake Shelton/Sangria
Aaron Goodin/Country dance
John Anderson/Seminole wind
A. Watson-J. Paulette/Seven year ache
Jade Eagleson/Shakin' in them boots
Midland/Out of sight
 Joni Harms/We work it out
 D. Parton/More where came from
Jon Wolfe/Smile on mine
 Mario Flores/When it rains
Randall King/Smokin' cigarettes
Scotty Mc Creery/Cab in a solo
 Garth Brooks/That girl is a cowboy
Brandon Walmsley/Speak to the sky
 Chris Ledoux-Stampede
 Tracy Lawrence-Sticks and stones
George Strait/Every little honky tonk bar
 Brad Paisley/I've been better
D. Yoakam-M. Branch/Long goodbye
 Billy Currington/Where the girls are
 Sara Evans-Suds in the bucket
 Blue county/Sunday driver
 Jambalaya/Sweet Maureen
Kate Sala
 Rob Fowler
Geoff Stanford
 Dan Albro
 Amun Storsveen
Tony Chapman
Adriano Castagnoli
Vikki Morris
 Annie Corthesy
 Rafel Corbi
Bruno Morel
Karine Belpalme
Nathalie Bertizberea
Mark Paulino
Chrystel Arréou
Vikki Morris
Pascal Dhorne
 Patricia E Stott
M.C. Gil
 Bruno Moggia
Marja Ugert/Jan Van Tiggelen
Diana Oglesby
 Ellen Raynaud
 Massimo Diamanti
 Annie Saerensz
Dan Albro
 Rodéo cowboys
S. Fillion/B. Moggia
 Sheridan Gill
 Yvonne Anderson
 Javier Rodriguez Gallego
 Rafel Corbi