Artiste | Musique
Tanner Gomes/Rain
 Aaron Watson/Real good time
 Zane Williams-Ride with me
 Troy Cassar-Daley/River town
Sam Outlaw/Trouble
 Don Derby-Roll in the hay
 Troy Cassar-Daley/Road ready
Tim Culpepper/Too good of a day
 Robert Mizzel/Who's gonna dance with Sally Ann
 Blake Shelton/Sangria
 Joni Harms/We work it out
 D. Parton/More where came from
Jon Wolfe/Smile on mine
 Mario Flores/When it rains
 Garth Brooks/That girl is a cowboy
 Chris Ledoux-Stampede
 Tracy Lawrence-Sticks and stones
 Brad Paisley/I've been better
D. Yoakam-M. Branch/Long goodbye
 Billy Currington/Where the girls are
 Sara Evans-Suds in the bucket
 Blue county/Sunday driver
 Jambalaya/Sweet Maureen
Kate Sala
 Rob Fowler
 Dan Albro
 Amun Storsveen
Adriano Castagnoli
 Annie Corthesy
 Rafel Corbi
Bruno Morel
Karine Belpalme
Nathalie Bertizberea
 Patricia E Stott
M.C. Gil
 Bruno Moggia
 Ellen Raynaud
 Massimo Diamanti
 Annie Saerensz
 Rodéo cowboys
S. Fillion/B. Moggia
 Sheridan Gill
 Yvonne Anderson
 Javier Rodriguez Gallego
 Rafel Corbi