Artiste | Musique
Abbi Scott/I got my own shotgun
Johnny Brady/I got you
 Toby Keith-I love this bar
Mo Pitney/When I'm with you
 Mike the hightech redneck/Itold ya so
Keith Urban/I told you so
 A. Jackson/It's allright to be a redneck
 Zac Brown Band/It's not ok
 Georges Mc Anthony-Trapper jacket Joe
 Eddy Raven Joe El Sonnier-Jambalaya
 Don Williams/Come early morning
Joey & Rory/All you need is me
 Craig Campbell-Chillaxin
Marie-Claude Gil
Daisy Simons
 Johnny Montana
Esmeralda v.d. Pol
Marianne Langagne
 Bert Vlug
 S. Cormier & N. Lachance
 Esther & José
 Ian St Leon
 Xose Massotti
Gabi Ibanez
 Pascal Dhorne