Artiste | Musique
 Jerry Reed-East bound and down
The Woolpackers-Hillbilly rock, hillbilly roll
Brooks & Dunn/Don't look back now
Josh Grider/Less & less
Morgan Wallen/Everything i love
Brad Paisley/Workin on a tan
Charlie Daniels band- Fais dodo
Rodney Atkins/15 minutes
Donovan Chapman/Fame
Triston Marez/Far from good
Joey & Rory/Boots
The Dean Brothers-Feelin kinda lonely tonight
Toby Keith/Beers ago
Vince Gill/One more last chance
Sean Patrick McGraw/Fiona
Dustin Lynch/Fish in the sea
Heidi Hauge-Saturday night
Natalie Rose/Better off without you
Blaine Larsen/I wish that I could fall in love
Kathy Hunyadi
 Debbie O'hara
Pol F Ryan
Heather Barton/Christope Chariwe
 Gaye Teather
 Michelle Chardonnet
Marla Brandon
Laura Turcaud
Laurent Boe/Nathalie Roussel
Nicolas Vermeersch
 Margaret Swift
Séverinne Fillion
Vikki Morris
 Marianne Languagne
David Lecaillon
 The dreamers
Rafel Corbi
Robbie McGowan Hickie