Jo Dee Messina/Heads Carolina, tails California
 C. Waagner and the old#7/Castelneck
Matt Mason/E
M.C. Carpenter/I feel lucky
George Strait/Christmas cookies
Toby Keith/Christmas rock
 Willie Nelson/City of new orleans
Aaron Watson/Clear Isabel
 D. Yoakam-H. Myles/Little chapel
George Strait/Codigo
Robynn Shayne/Coffee days and whiskey nights
 Mc Allister-Kemp/Cold beer, hot women
Chase Rice/Bad day to be a cold beer
Jack Ingram/Feel like I'm falling in love
 The Highrollers/Colorado girl
Blake Shelton/Corn
 Travis Tritt/Where corn don't grow
 Blake Shelton/Cotton pickin time
Brooks & Dunn/Tonight the bottle let me down
 Brady Seals/Country as a boy can be
Dillon Carmichael/Country boy lovin'
Sons of the Palamino/Countryholic
 Randy Travis/Forever and ever
 Jonathan East/A little on the redneck side
 Keith Urban/Walking in the country
Georges Strait/One night at a time
 Joni Harms/Cowboy coffee
Brooks & Dunn/Cowboy cowboy
Rudy Parris/Cowboy cry
Jason Cassidy/Cowboy girl
The sunny cowgirls/I wanna be a farmer
 Amber Hayes/C'mon
 The Clark family experience/Standin' still
 Johnny Reid/Darlin
Wade Bowen/Day of the dead 
Chris janson/Everybody
Dwight Yoakam/A world of blue
Dierks Bentley/Diamonds make babies
 Gord Bamford/Disappearing tail lights
Johnathan East/Dixie girl
Ray Scott/Doin' me wrong
Jake Owen/Down to the honkytonk
Ronnie Dunn/Drinkin' thing
 Stéphanie Quayle/Drinking with Dolly
 Casey James/Drive
Dwight Yoakam/Above and beyond 
 Nathalie Country Corner
Séverine Fillion
Bernard Blin
Kelli Haugen
 Daisy Simon
Flo Moresteps
 Stella Wilden
Pat Stott
Yvonne Verhagen
 Vikki Morris
Séverine Fillion
Adriano Castagnoli
 Dan Albro
Rob Fowler
 Tina Argyle
 Steve Mason
J. Mozes/J. Warnars
 Suzanne Wilson
Maddison Glover
Darren Mitchell
 Masters in line
 Séverine Fillion
 Teree de Sarro
 J. Hall/T. Miller
Dan Albro
Marie-Claude Gil
Marie-Claude Gil
French cowgirls
 Chrystel Durand
 Adriano Castagnoli
 Richard Poirier
Dan Albro
Chrystel Durand
Gaye Teather
A. Biggs/P. Metelnick
 A. Biggs/P. Metelnick
Séverine Fillion
Chrystel Durand
P. Jones/A. Lockwood
Nancy Rosera
 Séverine Fillion
 Rob Fowler
The Highlander