Chris Ledoux/Billy the kid
Brad Paisley/You need a man around here
 T. Adkins-B. Shelton/If i was a woman
 Tracy Bird/Back to Texas
 Ray Scott/My kind of music
 Toy Keith/Last livin cowboy
Jamie Richards/Last time till the next time
 Gord Bamford/Cowboy junkie
Georges Strait/Let it go
 Drake White/Recording grinning
Brooks and Dunn/Go west
 Gord Bamford/When your lips are so close
A. Jackson/Listen to your senses
Dereck Ryan/Little more time for drinkin
 Jamey Johnson/Rebelicious
Nathan Carter/Wagon wheel
 Alan Jackson/Livin on love
Josh Turner/Long black train
Cody Johnson/Long haired country boy
 The Bellamy brothers/Lord help me...
Sam Outlaw/Love her for a while
Ray Bus
Gaye Teather
 Robbie McGowan Hickie
 Anna Ballaguer
 V. Morris/K. Cregeen
 Silvia Calsina
Arnaud Marraffa
 Séverine Fillion
Julien Rault
 M. C. Gill
Jane Smee
 Rafel Corbi
Stephan Cools
Laurent Chalon
 R. Fowler/K.H. Winson
Gaye Teather
 Alan & Barbara Heighway
Tina Argyle
Tina Argyle
Marie Sorensen
Vivienne Scott